Improving your Jiu Jitsu

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During my 15 years of instruction, in three distinct schools, in three distinct cities with thousands of training partners, the identical question always came up. How can I create my Jiu Jitsu better?

During training I struck this Zen like mind-set. I really don’t think about the external world and the only thing that matters is my training, or even better, the battle I simply engaged in with a different JJ player. Every once in a while in this battle I get exactly what I guess you can call a vision or a moment of clarity about my Jiu Jitsu. This week I had one of these moments and I came up with three fundamentals which have made my Jiu Jitsu better.

  1. Letting Go

Letting go or not caring frees you of ego. A means of self- expression. The one thing that matters is the self- improvement and you know what that advancement is. The main aspect I needed to let go is”tapping ” or submitting to my training partner. I use to care if a decrease rank/belt training partner use to grab me in a entry. After I let that go my”match” (technique) opened and my advancement went through the roof.

  1. The Quicker You Move, The Slower I Move

Moving slower than your training partner might appear odd. When I first began training Jiu Jitsu I simply wanted to be faster, stronger, and just plain beat some of my opponents. After coaching for 15 years, I eventually get the 3 fundamentals Grand Master Helio Gracie highlighted: Assume your opponent is bigger, faster, and more powerful than you. So slow down, do the correct technique and wait. The Jiu Jitsu will operate.

  1. Constantly be Doing Something

In this movie he said, constantly be doing something with your hands and toes. By way of instance if I have my hands in my competitions collar, my other hand wants to complete the choke. While my hands are occupied my one foot is pushing my opponents knee to cancel his foundation, while my other foot is used as a hook in an effort to sweep him. Bottom line only keep busy and”always do something.”

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